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Kizomba & Semba

KIZOMBA & SEMBA Kizomba dance/music is a genre originated in Angola in the 18th century. Kizomba means “Party” in Kimbundu, an Angolan language. Kizomba is derived from Semba and Kizomba got more popular in time. Angolan dancers started adapting their Semba steps in to the tempo and flavour of the kizomba beats around the late 90’s.


KIZOMBA & SEMBA Afro House is an energetic dance style that originated in Africa. The style derived from Kuduro, an Angolan dance style that evolved during a period of war, making it a quite ‘hard’ dance style. Afro House has elements of Kuduro. Afro House also has a softer, more cheerful side, influenced by Pantsula, a dance style developed in South Africa. This was discovered by Angolan youth on their travels. They were the ones who developed the mixed dance style into the form we now know as Afro House.