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What else do you offer next to workshops, socials and the festival?
Dancing Kizomba is a social way of connecting with one and other. Therefore, we offer you our services in the form of private lessons, bachelor or bachelorette parties or staff party. For inquiries, dont hestitate to send us an email via info@kizombasensual.com.

Do you need a dance partner?

No you don’t need to bring your own partner.
We always balance the men versus women ratio.
You will dance with the other participants.

How much do the classes cost?
Click on the link to see our prices.

When are the classes?
In Eindhoven on Mondays.
In Tilburg on Tuesdays.

Take a look at our schedule.

Where are the classes?
Eindhoven Adress: Skifit Party Centrum, Vijfkamplaan 16, Eindhoven
Tilburg Adress: Sylcdance Studio, Enschotsestraat 244, Tilburg

What happens if I miss a class?
We video every demo of the class twice.
One time with counting (without music)
One time with music (without counting)
Please contact us via mail, in case you want to catch up in a different city: info@kizombasensual.com.

Are there free tryouts?
We start every season with a free tryout.

Can I take a tryout class?
Yes you can. We offer try out classes at the beginning of the new season.
Take a look at our schedule to see when our next season starts.

Can I sign up without any experience?
We have three different levels at our dance school.
Automatically you will start in the Kizomba 1 class.
If you have previous experience we will assess you during the different levels. We do this just to see whether your experience matches our methods.

Kizomba 1 > beginner
Kizomba 2 > Intermediate
Kizomba 3 > Advanced

Can I pay the ticket in cash?
No you can not. You are able to pay just by clicking on the following link:

Can I get a combi course?
Yes, you can. You can get a combi package.
This is negotiable with our administration.

When does the new season start?


Winter course Kizomba by Kizomba Sensual
Monday November 18 until Monday December 16

19:30 hours until 21:30 hours (5 weeks, 2 hours)

Address: Vijfkamplaan 16, Eindhoven (Skifit Eindhoven)



Winter season 


Monday January 6 untill March 16 (10 weeks) 

19:00 Kizomba 1 

20:00 kizomba 2

21:00 kizomba 3

Address: Vijfkamplaan 16, Eindhoven (Skifit Eindhoven)


Tuesday January 7 until March 17 (10 weeks) 

19:00 Kizomba 1 

20:00 kizomba 2

21:00 kizomba 3

20:00 Semba

21:00 Afrohouse

Address: Enschotsestraat 244, Tilburg (Sylcdance studio) 


(Coming soon)